Look Out For the Seniors in Your Family

Independent living for seniors rochester ny

Did you know that, according to the Pew Research Center, up to 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age (i.e. turn 65) in any given day? Senior citizens face an incredible amount of stress. According to SeniorCare.org, the elderly rate the death of their spouse, close friends passing away, and losing their driver’s license among the most upsetting aspects of old age. Add everyday struggles, like hopelessly fumbling to open packages, being physically incapable of picking up fallen objects, and failing to hold up a deck of cards, and it is perfectly clear why most seniors are prone to depression.

Comfortable and welcoming surroundings, however, can lift an incredible weight off seniors’ shoulders. Rochester, in particular, offers residents clean, comfortable, and extremely hospitab Continue reading “Look Out For the Seniors in Your Family”