10 Open Concept Kitchen Design Ideas – Interior Painting Tips


Open concept kitchens are a great way to transform kitchens by using beautiful materials. Utilize natural light and contemporary fixtures such as LED. LED lighting tends to be more contemporary and you’ll get more lighting from natural light.

For those looking for a traditional look, consider using tiles on your kitchen’s flooring.

A kitchen with tiles looks inviting and it will allow you to easily navigate the items necessary to cook for example, pans and pots. It’s easy to imagine the kitchen as awash with steam, water, and hot searing, which is why tiles work well in modern kitchens.

Consider using attractive hardwood such as granite or oak for your kitchen to bring it to the next level. Laminate flooring, tiles or stainless steel appliances are all options if you don’t want to invest in the expensive cost of hardwood flooring.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, it is helpful to find a design concept and materials that will complement each other as well as the rest of your house. It’s also crucial for these items to remain gorgeous and practical for a long time of use. It is important to hire professionals for your plumbing remodel.

Mix the Heights

When looking into open concept kitchen designs, the requirement of providing an additional storage area next to every work area is vital. Too much free space means that it serves no purpose, as it creates a feeling that the work area feels like the space.

Although mixing design elements like cupboards and hardware are a great way to mess up the kitchen’s flow however there are some strategies you can use. Sliding boxes under drawers or cabinets is an excellent solution to combine different styles. If you need to store smaller items, like blenders or food processors, large boxes are able to be placed beneath cabinets.

Use Color Wisely

When designing an open-concept kitchen, color is a critical decision


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