Two Rochester Newspapers That Provide In Depth Local Business News

Rochester ny newspapers

If you are a local news junkie, perhaps simply reading Rochester NY newspapers Democrat and Chronicle and City Newspaper are not enough to whet your appetite. In that case, there are additional publications of which you might not be aware, which could be a great complement to your current reading.

Two other Rochester newspapers come specifically to mind, providing a more specialized focus on niche areas that their respective readerships follow. As its name suggests, The Daily Record publishes new content each day with a broader regional focus on the latest court proceedings and rulings around Western New York, new real estate transactions in the city, including foreclosures, and coverage of business activity throughout the state.

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Understanding the Rochester News

Rochester ny newspapers

Rochester newspapers follow the local, special interest, sport and business stories of the Monroe county city on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Nicknamed the Worlds Image Center, it boasts around 1 million residents in the greater metropolitan area.

Just like other communities of its size, it relies on a variety of big businesses and a wide array of small to medium businesses to sustain it. In the case of Rochester NY newspapers, you might think that Eastman Kodak was still a big business player in the area. The photography giant has since been shrinking, but it has enough roots in the area to merit frequent coverage in the Rochester newspapers.

In addition to the emphasis on local business, the Rochester newspapers are entrenched in the local sports stories. Several years ago, Rochester had t Continue reading “Understanding the Rochester News”