Understanding the Rochester News

Rochester ny newspapers

Rochester newspapers follow the local, special interest, sport and business stories of the Monroe county city on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Nicknamed the Worlds Image Center, it boasts around 1 million residents in the greater metropolitan area.

Just like other communities of its size, it relies on a variety of big businesses and a wide array of small to medium businesses to sustain it. In the case of Rochester NY newspapers, you might think that Eastman Kodak was still a big business player in the area. The photography giant has since been shrinking, but it has enough roots in the area to merit frequent coverage in the Rochester newspapers.

In addition to the emphasis on local business, the Rochester newspapers are entrenched in the local sports stories. Several years ago, Rochester had the distinction of being voted the best minor league sports town. In that vein, the Rochester newspapers give ample coverage to all of the local teams, including soccer, lacrosse, hockey and baseball. Also, since Buffalo has 2 major league teams just down the thruway, there is considerable coverage during football and hockey season in the Rochester newspapers.

In terms of local interest, Rochester is known for a multitude of year round festivals. The Rochester newspapers provide coverage of the Lilac Festival in the late spring, the Park Ave Festival in the summer and the many other festivals that occur throughout the year. Depending on the various artisans and events, they draw very significant numbers of visitors each year.

Another major component of the Rochester newspapers is the local weather coverage. Since the city is on the Great Lakes, there is often lake affect precipitation that can quickly change conditions in localized areas of the city. During the winter, the precipitation ranges from heavy to trace amounts within blocks sometimes as a result of the lake conditions and its ensuing effect on weather.

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