3 Types of Scrunchies – Ceremonia GNP


First, the normal scrunchie. Choose a piece of fabric measuring 55×10 inches and an elastic (20 cm). Then, sew 5 cm across the edges and on the front of the fabric. Then reverse the fabric into tubes. If your hands are not large enough, you can make use of a chopstick or a small stick to reverse the fabric. The circle is created by sewing. The elastic band should be attached. Push the fabric forward while inserting it into the band. This creates the effect of scrunched-up. The hole must be stitched. Take out any loose threads.

These scrunchies resemble as regular scrunchies, however they require 30 pom poms as well as an elastic band. Mama Project recommends transparent fabrics to make the pom poms come out. The pom-poms should be pushed into the tube after having made it. With the help of the scrunchie, they’ll start shifting around.

The third type of scrunchie is one that has lace. Materials for a scrunchie made with lace are the same like a normal one but you’ll require 60 centimeters of cotton. You’ll need to pin the lace on the edges of the fabric prior to sewing. Take the pins off as you sew.

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