5 Red Flags When Choosing College Housing – EDUCATION WEBSITE


It is important to note the presence of a leaky roof in the property you’re contemplating making the move to. Also, you may want to take a look at alternative options which might work better for you. Don’t just eliminate everything since the building doesn’t meet the requirements, however there is something to say about giving an item a chance since it’s got a leaky roof. It’s one of the funny signs on college buildings that point to possible bigger problems with the house you’re viewing. If the residents aren’t made to pay attention to even the building’s roof the building, they’re not going to take interest in any of the buildings in that area even if they do. Be sure to avoid any building in the area until the roof is fixed. You might just want to avoid it altogether considering that there are different options on the market that could be better suited to your particular situation. It is one thing to allow the grass to grow too high, but it’s a different matter to not pay attention to landscaping or cleaning gutters to keep a structure at the minimum. Another area which some may dismiss aside as funny signs that there are college students living there who don’t pay attention to such issues However, that isn’t the case. College students likely to not go out and take care of their gardens every single day However, there needs to be a service that takes charge of the garden or they themselves must strive to keep at some minimum requirements for their lawn. Following a tiring day of studying nobody likes to return home and find their yard a mess. This is not only an eye sore, but could result in issues with local laws which prevent grass from growing excessively high. It is also a source of concern for city ordinances.

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