A Checklist for Fire Door Inspections – Spokane Events

ures. Fire doors are an essential part of the system to prevent fire. This video will show you how to ensure that the fire doors you have installed meet codes for your next check.

Fire doors prevent fires from spreading, contain smoke filled with toxic chemicals, and allow for escape into a building. Check that the labels clearly identify your door. Additionally, ensure that the door is not contaminated by holes.

The frame and door hardware must remain in good order. They’ll be checked from all angles and the door will be checked to ensure that it closes securely and seals. It has to be sealed completely. If they are missing the missing parts, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

The door’s clearance is measured as well to be sure the door is able to shut off flames effectively. Use a ruler or measuring tapes to verify that you’re in the NFPA limits. Additionally, you need to be able to use working springs as well as a closing mechanism.

Find more details regarding fire door inspections by clicking the video below.


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