Benefits of Moving to Rochester NY

Moving to rochester ny

There are a lot of reasons to move to Rochester NY, although some residents may complain about the slightness of this mid sized city in Upstate New York. A Rochester move will offer you a number of opportunities and the social milieu that you will not experience elsewhere. With their Public Market, wealth of higher education, numerous museums and continuing education, and historic homes, cemeteries, and personages, moving to Rochester NY might be the best choice you ever make!

A Rochester ny move gives you options. The Greater Rochester Area encompasses more than ten suburban towns and villages that are less than thirty minutes from the urban center. These suburban towns and villages offer a small town feel with the opportunity to experience the urbane arts, education, and history that the city offers. Local businesses thrive in these small towns and in the city itself, where individuals offer music lessons, crafting supplies, secondhand clothing, and books. By moving to rochester ny, you can contribute in many ways to this historic and beautiful city.

There is a number of beautifully planted gardens and parks in the Rochester area, and the Public Market is second to none. As the longest running farmers’ market (recently celebrating more than 100 years of continuous business), it offers organic, local, and cheap produce, meat, prepared food, and more! Moving to Rochester NY is worth it, if only for the market! Smaller markets abound in the surrounding area during the summer time as well.

In addition to the variety of shopping options, there are many local museums, historic landmarks, and festivals to attend and enjoy. Local museums include the Memorial Art Gallery, the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and the Strong National Museum of Play; there is something for everyone. Historic landmarks include Highland Park, which is home to a memorial of famous Rochester resident Frederick Douglass, the Susan B Anthony House, George Eastman House, and the Mount Hope Cemetery, where all three famous people are buried. The most famous of Rochester festivals is the annual Lilac Festival, but there are Apple Festivals, ethnic festivals (Ukrainian and Puerto Rican, to name two), and holiday festivals throughout the year. Moving to Rochester NY will give you so much opportunity to explore your creative interests, social proclivities, and academic theories.

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