Can This Little Robot Mow Your Lawn? – Technology Magazine

It is possible to enjoy the refreshing air and smell freshly cut grass as you operate your tractor. Others may find it time-consuming and frustrating. There are plenty of fantastic mowers on the market that will make the process much more efficient. The most common are ride-on tractors or zero-turns, as well as push mowers. There could be some new competitors. Robotic enthusiasts have been trying to build a lawnmowers which is totally autonomous. In this video you’ll witness one of these machines to see for yourself.

In the video, the robotic mower is connected to WiFi and zigzags around your yard until your entire lawn has been mowable. How does it know where your yard is it asks. It is possible to set up a fence with small wires along your property’s borders. It can be detected by the robot wire, and won’t go over it. Robot lawn mowers that are more recent can perform this task digitally with GPS which means that you do not require an actual wire. Robots will then return at the charging station during the night when it runs out of battery.


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