Explaining the Differences Between Latency and Bandwidth – Absolute SEO

The people of today are demanding more from their Internet connections. If it’s about moving more apps or data to cloud storage or serving the requirements of the growing number of remote workers, people expect to receive more. Latency and bandwidth on servers are two aspects that impact the performance of your internet. What is the difference between these two elements?

The main difference between latency and bandwidth is the basic definition. In the video above”latency” refers to how long it takes for information to go from one point to another. It is the length of time that data needs in order to arrive at the destination of an internet. The other side of the coin there is the bandwidth, which is the quantity of data which can be transmitted over a network.

The bandwidth and latency differ by two aspects. It’s measured in MS which is milliseconds. In contrast, bandwidth is measured in Kbps or Mbps.

How to deal with them is the third major difference between bandwidth and latency. Experts recommend web users create DIAs (dedicated internet connections) or make use of CDNs (content delivery networks) for reducing it. When it comes to bandwidth, there’s many ways to deal with this issue. Internet users are able to change their internet provider, or even change their Internet plan. 8yso6md5fs.

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