How a Drive Over Conveyor Can Change Your Business for the Better – Economic Development Jobs

The drive-over conveyor is a conveyor which isn’t often mentioned. It is used mostly in the field of agriculture, to move produce from delivery vehicles for storage or to process. What can drive-over conveyor impact a business to the better?

A drive over conveyor can streamline the process of unloading the produce of a delivery truck. The video shows that instead of tipping trucks over produce they’re placed in front of the conveyor. They empty the conveyor through the outlet beneath the truck. Produce is then pulled into the conveyor, and then emptied into the silo.
The probability of making mistakes can be decreased the moment a conveyor is driven over. When manual operators unload goods from trucks, the likelihood of errors can be a great deal, however in situations where there is minimal or human involvement in the process, the probability of errors are lower.
A drive over conveyor also reduces waste. Produce that is manually unloaded could cause much more wastage than when it is put on a conveyor.

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