How Air Conditioning Works – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

xactly? And what can go wrong that requires AC service? This video will explain the fundamentals of the air conditioner in your home.

A few key components play vital roles in cooling homes. The condensing unit is one that is outside the dwelling. It includes the condenser compressor, as well as the fan. A thermostat is installed in your home which controls the cooling system. An evaporator can be found on the interior of the home that has a metering device as well as a the blower motor.

When the temperature rises above a certain point then the thermostat tells the AC unit that it needs to begin. The system will be cooled through refrigerant. This will absorb the heat outside environment and returns into the condenser. The condenser is then able to send the refrigerant into the compressor that expels all heat out.

The evaporator gets cool air made and then the blower motor pump it through ductwork and into your home. The need for an AC repair service is necessary in the event that any of these procedures are not working.

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