How Data Center Cooling Works – PC Patching

centers. The following video will demonstrate to you how data center cooling helps to control all of this.

More people have access to the internet, and the number expands every single day. Similarly, the services provided via the internet are growing and getting more and more complex. The sheer volume of information being processed demands large data centers that are located in huge warehouses located in remote areas with plenty of space.

Data centers require a lot of infrastructure and power to maintain their cool. Many are operated by air conditioning that requires a significant amount of electrical energy. New cooling techniques are utilized to build the latest data centers.

Facebook as an example has recently inaugurated a data centre within Northern Sweden. It uses induction fan technology and the cooler climate to cool its servers. The fans require power, however they are more efficient than traditional air cooling.

There are other companies coming up with newer solutions. Microsoft experimented with putting servers inside a container completely water-tight at the bottom of the ocean’s floor. It was successful. To cool the servers they employed the heat exchangers along with cool ocean water.

Go to the video above to find out more information about the cooling of data centers.


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