How To Install An Asphalt Driveway – Home Town Colorado

It’s the primary part of any driveway. This material requires the right quality and thickness. Some regions employ “conbit” (concrete/asphalt that was broken down and reused), while others use crushed stone.
The jagged surfaces of coarse crushed material causes it to expand, bind together and form a solid matrix which is resistant to settlement. A cement dust-like binder can serve as a means of holding it tightly.
The base (the substance that lies beneath the asphalt top) is something to be scrutinized carefully following the time your old driveway been cleared away. It is likely that more asphalt should be removed or added. The thickness and nature of the exposed base can be assessed by digging through it.
When it comes to clay soils foundation with a thickness of 8 inches advised, while in sandy soils well-drained the thickness of 4 inches is recommended. If you’ve got a weak foundation, you need make improvements.
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