How to Make a Neon LED Custom Sign Design – Work Flow Management

The neon sign is a striking addition for your establishment or attractive feature on your front doors. Neon signs are appealing and fashionable to draw attention and promote. If you’re interested in creating the perfect neon-themed sign then you’re in the right place, as we’ll show you how you can make one out of scratch.

The initial step in creating a custom sign design is to craft a simple frame sign or shadowbox. This is going to be the starting point for our designs. Add lasers and LEDs to the frame. The installation of the power switch or connectors is a crucial step in frame signs. These components are what powers the LEDs. Once you have completed your customized shadowbox or sign, you can assemble them and add the glass that has been polarized. Your LEDs will stand out from the exterior and will be secured by the polarized glass.

Once your sign is assembled then all you need to do is spray paint it and attach your LED light source. Get a bright sign for your business to be noticed.


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