How to Monitor Your Server Resources – Web Hosting Sky

The video below will teach you how you can monitor the server’s resources. It will also explain the places you should check regularly as well as what you should look for.

The first step is examine the usage of your disk. Make sure that there isn’t any data overwriting or increasing the size of your disk. It is possible to increase the disk space, or reduce the energy consumption of your system if this happens. This video will teach you how to use NCDU that makes it simple and fast to determine the amount of disk space used. Another thing you should check is your system memory. Check to see if it’s not maxing off, and you’ll be required to upgrade. Additionally, you can utilize the uptime feature to gain important information regarding users and use. Space as well as the power that your server’s hardware has is the main component in many of these issues. In order to improve the performance of your server you should upgrade your hardware. c6bvakz2fd.

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