How to Replace Your Homes Gas Water Heater – Family Issues

It’s a new model, to eliminate the inconveniences of showers that are cold.

Examine your tank for vital information such as the size of it and its energy needs. Next, check your home’s venting. It is the next thing to check the water pressure inside your home through an outside faucet. The ideal is the PSI that is between fifty and sixty. Consider installing an automatic pressure reduction device in the event that the reading is higher than eighty.

The time has come to swap off your old model. Prior to doing this, it’s important to shut off all gas. Then, disconnect the gas line from the control valve with a wrench. Then, take off the venting. Drain the tank in either a bucket or. Hot water running through your home will help speed up this procedure. Then, you will be able to disconnect the tank from the pipes , and then clear it.

To prevent flooding, install a drain pan with the new unit. Install the discharge pipe and connect your water lines. Then, you can fill up the tank by re-connecting your gas line.

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