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In some instances where traditional braces are required, there are also clear braces or affordable invisible aligners on your teeth. If you opt to purchase Invisalign it is a great alternative. These trays can be worn to align the teeth. They gently push teeth in the proper location. Once you’ve worn the trays over a period of time they will then be replaced with new trays which you will be able to use for the following few months. The exact date and time of wear will be set at the time your treatment plan is made.

Contact your orthodontist for advice if you’d like to compare the different brands of aligners. Some people prefer to lower costs by choosing a less-known manufacturer. This is a good option for some people. When you want to get straighter teeth, it’s an obligation to wear the aligners. Therefore, make sure that you wear them regularly for at least 1 year prior to beginning. wikibfd1yt.

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