Is Social Media Good For Your Brain? – Online Shopping Tips

, Instagram or Twitter or Twitter, there are millions of people flocking to apps to share their personal lives and views. Without a doubt, the web has become crowded with so many sites that one could scroll forever without ever scratching the level. There are many doubts about the impact of social media’s impact on the brain. Are social media benefits good or bad? In this short video, we will take into consideration how our thoughts are impacted by an extensive use of social media.

Social media can have a profound impact on our daily lives. In the case of a person who is oversaturated in the world of online social networks, people might rely more on positive reinforcements that include likes, comments and shares, instead of taking actions for the mere intention of doing them. Furthermore, some people struggle with being able to see the value of the moment against the photo and sharing opportunities it presents. In the same way, social media encourages us to be comparing ourselves with others. This can result in an unhealthful obsession with our appearance.


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