Lawyer Discusses Self Defense – New York State Law

These situations are all too frequent and every person should be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones. It’s vital to know how to protect oneself from attack that entire classes are offered in the field. However, what are the legal issues of self defense that need to be taken into consideration? Arguments in favor of legal defense for self-defense are quite common in the purpose of this YouTube video was made to help bring this aspect of things into the light.

In this video, you will hear from an attorney representing defense that will explain the laws and regulations that are often use to determine if self-defense is really needed or used in certain instances in the court. The defense attorney will explain which laws allow and what doesn’t, as well as the areas where there is ambiguity. The video provides suggestions for self-defense, without exposing yourself to any legal consequences. It’s a great video worth a go through!

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