Process of Dock Leveler Maintenace – Pleo HQ

one of the most busy and dangerous zones of your business in particular when you’re actively seeking peak performance of day to day business. Dock levelers are vital pieces of equipment that prevent unexpected logistical breakdowns, and keep security at the dock right in front. What happens in a dock leveler preventative maintenance check.

They’ll begin by cleansing the pit; check all the mechanisms that are used to remove lip (pins and lip cranks chain, links, and Shackles) and replace them if they look old. They’ll then apply lubrication to all necessary locations of the dock leveler by using suitable fluids. If weather seals are installed be sure to inspect them for damage and replace them if they wear out or are damaged. Also, inspect dock bumpers. 4 inches of bumper protection is the minimum requirement. In case of damaged, broken, or missing bumpers have to be repaired or replaced. Inspectors will then examine the angles of concrete, welding and concrete. If necessary, they will make repairs or replacements. In the final phase, they’ll check the hinge pins, the structure the clevis pins the cotter pins to determine if they are showing signs of signs of wear. 2r6xv1tcu1.

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