Reasons You Need OCC ACC Insurance – Legal Magazine

Suspensions can occur without it. Keep reading to learn the top reasons you need OCC ACC insurance.

We’ll begin with the basics of what OCC ACC insurance is. OCC ACC insurance policies provide the employer with the ability to fulfill the worker’s liability obligation for compensation, with an expense that is less than a worker’s compensation policy.

the first reason you need OCC ACC insurance is because workers’ compensation insurance is the highest-quality insurance option, yet it is the most expensive. Some states is required to carry an occupational injury and disability policy. Most of the time it is recommended that an OCC ACC insurance policy is a better option.

Another reason to have OCC ACC insurance is because workplace industries happen in the field of trucking. It’s true that trucking is among the 10 most risky occupations in America. There’s no reason to wonder why. It’s a recipe for disaster to drive a car weighing 80,000 pounds driving across America’s highways.

To learn about more reasons to get OCC ACC insurance for your trucking company, check out the video above!


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