Rochester Blogs Suit Every Taste

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Are you interested in discovering what Rochester blogs have to offer? Rochester blogs cover an array of subjects, from local events to Rochester history. Some blogs Rochester has to offer even cover esoteric subjects, such as the old Rochester subway. These provide me with endless fascination.

There are the Rochester blogs that serve the standard fare of blogs. There is a well maintained Rochester wiki that functions as an encyclopedia of the area. Various schools, universities and cultural institutions provide Rochester blogs that express their opinions and alert you to local events.

There are also Rochester blogs that focus on local government. These bloggers attend every town and city hall meeting, planning and zoning board meeting, school board meeting, and other meetings, and document each and every happening. These bloggers keep local politicians honest and accountable.

My personal favorite blogs are ones that focus on the Rochester subway. From 1926 to 1957, Rochester operated a subway line that served many major neighborhoods and employers in the city. While the subway was torn down for an expressway, the Rochester subway lives on in blogs. Not only are there odes to its history, but bloggers keep alive expansion plans for what could have been.

There is a blog rochester has for every taste and interest. To see what I mean, search for some Rochester blogs today. You will be glad you did do the search.


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