The Basics of Commercial Auto Insurance – Insurance Business News

business owner that uses business owners who use vans, trucks, or any other vehicle for your company’s activities, you need to get commercial auto insurance. This insurance protects your business personnel, property and employees from damage or accidents. This video will explain the basic principles of commercial auto insurance so you can understand why it’s crucial.

Commercial auto insurance must be purchased if driving and own the car. Extended coverage is also required for employees who use the car. It is possible to select from various types of insurance which protects you against various types of damages.

The requirement for liability insurance is generally imposed by state law, but you might need more protection should your vehicle gets damaged by the negligence of an uninsured motorist, or by something other than a fallen tree branch.

It is important to consider the type of vehicle and its weight. Commercial trailers, tow trucks as well as dump trucks all play a role. All require special forms of coverage for commercial vehicles. As policies differ from one provider to the next It is essential to speak to an agent for more details regarding your insurance policy.

Watch this video to get additional information on commercial automobile insurance policies.


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