The Process Of Window Tinting – Car Talk Credits

A n from the sun. This is how the process works. In this article, we will discuss the different steps involved in window tinting.

The tint first needs to be cut. In order to do this, the tinter will need to spray the window using soapy water. In this way, the tint will adhere to the window , and then they are able to make a precise cut. When the pieces that are not taken off, the tint will be placed on the window in a way that the tint only goes over the edge of the window by about 1 centimeter.

The tint can be trimmed until it is the correct size with the heat gun or squeegee. Air, water bubbles, and any other contaminants will also be removed. The tint sheet is then removed from the window and any loose pieces that are left are cut off.

The final stage of the procedure, the window gets cleaned before the tint is placed back to the window. The soapy solution helps the tint adhere to the window and after it’s removed, the tint will be fixed.


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