Tips for AC Duct Repair – Family Reading

You can reduce your ty costs and get the most efficient HVAC system. The video below shows you how to make sure that your ducts aren’t leaking in your house.

Leaky ducts could be a problem if your home experiences inconsistent temperature, high dust levels, or you are paying large energy bills. The insulation may appear in your basement’s ducts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the duct beneath is covered.

The majority of HVAC contractors seal their ducts by using mastic. It is a cement that has rubberization that is sprayed on the joints where the ducts connect. A foil tape can be utilized. It isn’t sealed if have no mastic visible at the joints of ducts.

The problem is that regardless of sealing all of your ductwork that is exposed, the majority sits between your walls, the ceilings, or under the floors. The whole room by working through the interior.

The supplies and return methods are sealed, so that the contractors can get an idea of where leaks might be. A liquid sealant is converted to an aerosol and sent to the air ducts. It seals the leaks and the ducts are now ready to get back to work!


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