Troubleshooting Your Refrigeration Repair – Discovery Videos

r Fan Motor A bad AC fan motor may create cooling issues on AC. Broken fan blades, or one that’s not turning freely can indicate the existence of an electrical issue. The motor might have failed in electrical terms if it’s getting power but is not functioning.
3. EFM FFM – Defective Evaporator Motor Replace the fan blades in the event that it is noisy.

4. A faulty Start Relay, Capacitor, or even the capacitor itself may not shut the compressor off or off in the correct manner. The issue with airflow is due to frost accumulation on the evaporator coils as it passes through them. The evaporator coils can be fitted with an automatic defrost device.

5. An unreliable Temperature Control Board could cause issues with cooling, unpredictable system performance, or even the refrigerator being unresponsive at all. Before considering refrigerator repair or replacement, check the thermostat control board, verify other components are working in a proper manner. k28gi34a3q.

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