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. Varicose veins may develop as blood gathers and expands from damaged valves. This video will show you how to control varicose veins.

Symptoms Of Varicose Veins
* Swollen twisted veins purple or blue veins
* Inflamed ankles, feet, and the legs
* Soreness, cramps in the muscles, or pain in legs
You’re feeling heavy in your legs
* Joint pain behind the knee

Factors That Increase the Danger of Varicose Veins
* They are more common for women.
• As you get older wear and tear on your body will rise.
* Genetics
* Not enough exercise

Varicose Vein Treatment Solutions
* Sclerotherapy : Non-surgical treatment that injects chemical substances into veins in order to cause them to shrink and then disappear.
* Photoderm therapy – Small spider veins are treatable.
Laser Therapy – This heats the vein and causes it to shrink.
* Surgical Ligation – A procedure that involves having the vein tied or removed.

If you’ve got any open sores or ulcers, consult an expert. In order to stop varicose veins growing worse, stand up with your legs and stay away from sitting for excessively long. Discuss with a medical professional which is the best way to treat and control varicose veins. t2v4pnaxpe.

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