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The bank would like to ensure that you have adequate funds. The bank wants you to carry a security risk on the property, which is beyond what you owe the bank.

It is not easy for many to put together the 20percent down payment. Do not place yourself in a spot where you’re unable to pay the cost of your down payment, and you’ll need to take a loan for that too. It is important to look into different kinds of loans when looking to purchase a home with a smaller down payment and lower costs out of pocket. Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of loans available to buy the house you want with very minimal funds.

VA Loans

The VA loan may be available to you if you and your spouse served in military in a respectable manner for at minimum four years. The VA loan doesn’t require that you make an initial down payment. Yes, you read it right. For an VA loans, you need to have decent credit and be able to prove that you are able to make payment based on your earnings, however you are not required to put the funds in the bank.

This program of government loans was initiated to help returning veterans from WWII as part of the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act to make homeownership more affordable. Millions of vets have now obtained homes through their benefits.

There are additional benefits associated with this type of mortgage. It is for example, a person that is trying to sell an existing house would have to be able to pay closing costs. Points aren’t required. This type of mortgage works great for those who previously served their time and have good credit. It is also possible to afford the monthly mortgage payments.

The Veterans Administration doesn’t issue loans, but they guarantee them. The loan can be approved by many lenders who deal on VA loans. If you’ve been a veteran or had a loved one serve find out more information about your eligibility for a VA


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