What the DOT Physical Exam Looks Like – Health and Fitness Tips


Blood tests are a good way to test for HIV/AIDS , as well as other illnesses. If you want to know more about HIV, watch the video.

The physical examination for the DOT is required by any driver who wants to drive on highways and public roads. It is required for commercial drivers who want to obtain an Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). It ensures you are healthy enough for you to be able to operate your vehicle safely. The DOT physical exam includes several components, including the below:

Vision test – This section of the test examines your eyesight and ensures it’s in line with federal requirements. Vision tests require 20/40 in one eye , and 20/70 vision in the other wearing glasses or contacts. If the person wears contacts or glasses while taking the examination, they need to be free of any obstructions. If one passes this portion of the test then they’ll be provided with recommendations for how often they need to take tests for DOT. Blood tests – The examiners will take samples of your blood for testing, which includes the HIV antibody, and so on. To learn more, contact your home!

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