Why Biannual Fire Hydrant Repair and Maintenance Is Essential – Work Flow Management

If there is an emergency, no one can be safe. Most municipal firefighters would not have enough water to extinguish a large fire with a functional fire hydrant. A majority of municipal governments have annual maintenance and repair tasks to keep fire hydrants maintained in good condition.

The clip on this site describes the way in which it is that the City of Bloomington, MN is handling its biannual fire maintenance of hydrants. The first step is to inspect the water hydrants that are in use after the majority of the winter snow is gone. There are hydrants that may have suffered damage during the snow removal service. Maintenance workers ensure the hydrants can keep pressure in place, let pressure go and allow flow of water.

The fire hydrants after the water line’s end during the summer. They could see sediment buildup over time if left unflushed.

If the technicians find any issues with the functioning of the fire hydrants, they fix them promptly, ensuring they are ready for use at any point.

Take a look at the entire video, and call your local fire department to learn more about cleaning and repairs to fire water hydrants. r6gpsd8v3g.

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