Know Your News Resources in Rochester

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As a busy upstate metropolis, Rochester has more than one newspaper, and more than one news station. You can take your pick of network affiliates, as well as choose from mainstream newspapers or hyper-local publications that come out of individual neighborhoods. If you are new to Rochester, you might find either Rochester NY news 8 or the City Newspaper to be helpful sources of local information.

  • Rochester NY News 8
  • If you want Rochester breaking news that has a bit of history, Rochester NY news 8 is actually the oldest television station in Rochester. It signed on for the first time in June of 1949, and has been delivering the news ever since. Although sports is a staple of most television news stations today, WROC did not have a regular sport segment until 1958. T Continue reading “Know Your News Resources in Rochester”

The Leading Source for Rochester News

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During an age in which digital media pervades almost every aspect of life, we are constantly besieged by news from every angle. Whether we are checking the weather or latest sports scores, passively listening to the radio, or signing in to check out email, it is nearly impossible to avoid the news. For many people news is simply part of their routine, and they will spend more than two hours each day engaging with it.

While it seems like the internet is dominating Rochester NY local news, statistics show otherwise. According to a June 2013 Gallup Poll, more than 55 percent of Americans stated that television news remains their preferred source for news. Surprisingly, only 21 percent of respondents said that web news is their default news source. Regardless of their news preferences, nearly 55 per Continue reading “The Leading Source for Rochester News”