Know Your News Resources in Rochester

Rochester ny news channel 8

As a busy upstate metropolis, Rochester has more than one newspaper, and more than one news station. You can take your pick of network affiliates, as well as choose from mainstream newspapers or hyper-local publications that come out of individual neighborhoods. If you are new to Rochester, you might find either Rochester NY news 8 or the City Newspaper to be helpful sources of local information.

  • Rochester NY News 8
  • If you want Rochester breaking news that has a bit of history, Rochester NY news 8 is actually the oldest television station in Rochester. It signed on for the first time in June of 1949, and has been delivering the news ever since. Although sports is a staple of most television news stations today, WROC did not have a regular sport segment until 1958. They had an interesting slogan for the span of just a year, from 1990 to 1991, which declared that WROC was “Your Great Expectations Station.” WROC was upgraded to high definition in September of 2012, so if you have a high definition television, then you can enjoy the news in excellent quality.

  • City Newspaper Rochester NY
  • There are several Rochester NY newspapers, including the well-known Democrat and Chronicle, but City Newspaper is a more alternative Rochester local newspaper and stands as the second-largest in circulation in the region. If you check this Rochester newspaper classified section you can access incredible amounts of information on new employment, real estate, automotive, and clinical trial opportunities. They also give notifications about religious services, and items to buy, sell, and collect, travel information, education, lost and found notices, workshops, and much, much more. This newspaper has been in publication since 1972.

Do you prefer to get your news online? Almost every news source in Rochester also has a website. Not everyone enjoys watching the news each day, and not everyone looks forward to sitting down with a newspaper. Whatever your preference is, there is a resource in Rochester to fit your needs.

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