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During an age in which digital media pervades almost every aspect of life, we are constantly besieged by news from every angle. Whether we are checking the weather or latest sports scores, passively listening to the radio, or signing in to check out email, it is nearly impossible to avoid the news. For many people news is simply part of their routine, and they will spend more than two hours each day engaging with it.

While it seems like the internet is dominating Rochester NY local news, statistics show otherwise. According to a June 2013 Gallup Poll, more than 55 percent of Americans stated that television news remains their preferred source for news. Surprisingly, only 21 percent of respondents said that web news is their default news source. Regardless of their news preferences, nearly 55 percent of survey respondents stated they received at least a portion of their news from Rochester newspapers or radio, as well.

Despite the fact that more than three quarters of Americans receive their news via television or the internet, the fact is news is so integral to our lives that folks will access it via the most convenient media available. For instance, if a person cannot access the Web or Rochester NY News Channel 8, most will turn to Rochester NY newspapers or radio. Still, considering that nearly 60 percent of Americans own smartphones, the internet is by far the most convenient and accessible news medium today.

Although television news is far from convenient, why do more than half of Americans still prefer television news over the internet, radio, and newspapers? Well, there is more than one answer to that question, but two of the foremost reasons are the experience of watching Rochester NY News Channel 8, and the tradition of watching local evening news. It may be cool and convenient to check the weather and sports scores via a smartphone, but a four inch by five inch screen does have its disadvantages.

When people have the choice of getting their news via a tiny iPhone screen or on 51 inch flat screen television, the choice is not that difficult. After a long day at the office, it is simply far more relaxing to catch Rochester NY News Channel 8 from the comfort of your easy chair than it is via a smartphone or from the discomfort of a computer desk. Furthermore, television news is an American tradition; and while there are always exceptions, it is kind of difficult, and certainly not enjoyable, for the family to crowd around an iPad.

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