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  • Know Your News Resources in Rochester

    As a busy upstate metropolis, Rochester has more than one newspaper, and more than one news station. You can take your pick of network affiliates, as well as choose from mainstream newspapers or hyper-local publications that come out of individual neighborhoods. If you are new to Rochester, you might find either Rochester NY news 8 […]

  • The Leading Source for Rochester News

    During an age in which digital media pervades almost every aspect of life, we are constantly besieged by news from every angle. Whether we are checking the weather or latest sports scores, passively listening to the radio, or signing in to check out email, it is nearly impossible to avoid the news. For many people […]

  • Bored? Read a Newspaper, Rochester Newspapers Offer Variety, Flair, and Options

    Did you know that President Obama stopped by Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe in Rochester, NY as recently as August 22, 2013? The president shook hands, regaled listeners with stories of the new White House pup “Sunny,” and sat down to discuss affordable college tuition with students and parents. Not all Rochester news stories are similarly […]

  • Two Rochester Newspapers That Provide In Depth Local Business News

    If you are a local news junkie, perhaps simply reading Rochester NY newspapers Democrat and Chronicle and City Newspaper are not enough to whet your appetite. In that case, there are additional publications of which you might not be aware, which could be a great complement to your current reading. Two other Rochester newspapers come […]

  • Understanding the Rochester News

    Rochester newspapers follow the local, special interest, sport and business stories of the Monroe county city on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Nicknamed the Worlds Image Center, it boasts around 1 million residents in the greater metropolitan area. Just like other communities of its size, it relies on a variety of big businesses and […]

  • Benefits of Rochester NY Online Newspapers

    Before the internet came on the scene, people used print publications, such as newspapers, to stay on top of the latest news stories locally and from around the world. Today, the internet makes it extremely easy to find out what is going on, as long as you have internet connectivity. Smart phones and mobile devices […]

  • Leading Story Lines in the Rochester News

    Rochester newspapers cover the Rochester metro area of Western New York. The area is tucked in between Buffalo and Syracuse, on the southern coast Lake Ontario. Historically, the area is tied to the birth of widespread photography, commerce from the Erie Canal and multiple education and business centers. Like any other region, the Rochester NY […]

  • Pick Up the Paper to See What is Going on During the Upcoming Weekend

    When they have a weekend away from the office, many individuals will want to just flip on the TV and lounge on the couch in order to relax and recharge their batteries. Others, however, will load up their time off with fun activities that help them take their mind off work and be an active […]

  • Avoid Rochester NY Newspaper Subscriptions That Are Not Worth Your Time

    The Rochester newspaper industry, as with most cities, has slowed in the recent decade. More Rochester newspapers every year have to close their doors. This is because Rochester NY newspapers most publications have been replaced by social media, micro blogging and other forms of instant news services online. However, the highest quality of Rochester NY […]

  • How Convenient are Online Newspapers?

    Before the internet hit the mainstream, it was common to see people carrying newspapers and magazines in their hands. In fact, you could barely walk down the street without seeing people holding newspapers and magazines. After the internet and the advancements made in mobile technologies, it is virtually impossible to walk down the street without […]