Leading Story Lines in the Rochester News

Rochester ny newspapers

Rochester newspapers cover the Rochester metro area of Western New York. The area is tucked in between Buffalo and Syracuse, on the southern coast Lake Ontario. Historically, the area is tied to the birth of widespread photography, commerce from the Erie Canal and multiple education and business centers. Like any other region, the Rochester NY newspapers focus on a wide range of topics for the region, such as business and sports.

The modern Rochester owes quite a bit of development to its former number one employer, Eastman Kodak. Even though the company is just a fraction of its former self, the Rochester newspaper still manages to find relevant stories relating to the former business and the regions former employees. For example, a large contingent of residents may derive medical benefits and pensions that are constantly in flux due to unrelated market conditions. As long as there is a connection to big business in Rochester, the stories will remain in the Rochester newspaper.

Just down the thruway from Rochester, are two of the regions largest sports franchises. These two teams drive a lot of the sports reporting in Rochester newspapers. During football season, and the time leading up to it, there is constant analysis and coverage. Add to the fact that there is a preseason connection to the Rochester area and you will find that the local news provides extensive coverage to regional sports. This is practically the same for the Buffalo hockey team.

In addition to the Buffalo sports news that features frequently in the Rochester newspaper, there are several local minor league teams that are in constant rotation. There is a rather large fan base for the local hockey, baseball, lacrosse and soccer teams that seem to provide year round topics for discussion and coverage in the Rochester newspaper. Also, like any other metro area, there are plenty of high school and college sports events that require ample coverage in the Rochester newspaper.

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