Rochester Newspapers are a Great Way to Learn About the Community

Rochester ny newspapers

Rochester ny newspapers are a great way to learn about the region. Covering everything from state and national news to sports to cultural events, Rochester newspapers cover the news in a way that reflects community values. Add that to a rich newspaper tradition, and Rochester newspapers are great at communicating values and innovation.

Rochester has a rich history with newspapers. Newspaper mogul Frank Gannett launched several Rochester newspapers in the early 20th century, along with newspapers in several other cities. The company he founded went on to publish USA Today, and remained in Rochester until the 1980s.

One of the newspapers Gannett founded in Rochester was the Times Union, an afternoon paper. Covering news, sports, business, and other topics of interest, the Times Union complemented the morning newspaper the Democrat and Chronicle, which shared a publisher. The newspaper closed in 1997.

Rochester newspapers of today serve a variety of interests. The Rochester newspaper of record still exists, and reports on world news, local news, sports and Western NY business. Crucially, the Rochester newspaper of record also has a bureau in Albany, which reports state political issues with Rochester area interests in mind.

There are also many Rochester newspapers of record. These alternative newspapers cover everything from theater and music to restaurant reviews and fashion. They also wade into political issues from time to time, usually with a leftist bent.

There are also several Rochester newspapers that cover surrounding small towns. These newspapers are great at covering events, such as high school sporting events and local politics, that are significant to residents of those communities. Greece, Pittsford, Gates, Brockport and Irondequoit each have their own newspapers, along with several other newspapers.

What can you use a Rochester newspaper for? There are many who rely on the reporting for sporting and cultural events. Rochester newspapers are also a great way to learn about the community. To see what I mean, pick one up today, and start reading.

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